About Us

The team at Taaffeite Homes is a mix of synergized, efficient and quality driven people with diverse areas of expertise. Taaffeite Homes is founded by a group of young professionals who has several years of industry experience in realestate and interior designing along with a large workforce guarantees every single aspect of a customer's requirement is met with utmost perfection and quality. Taaffeite Homes has wide exposure in developing apartments, villas, commercial complexes, gatedcommunities and other realestate development projects.

Taaffeite Homes have become identical with quality construction. The Taaffeite Homes known for maintaining quality construction standards and also for its ethics, reliability and professionalism. Taaffeite Homes is a name for quality confided in human potential for creating brilliant structures for better living. We have been consistently exploring new avenues in terms of real estate.